Lock Bumping

Burglars are using a technique called lock bumping to break into homes. It’s an easy and simple to learn technique that can only be protected by securing your home more properly.  Regular locks are very easy to bump.

I think everyone should at least upgrade their locks to special locks that can not be bumped. You can find these by just going to any locksmith. (A-Line Locksmiths can help you!) They are made to stop anyone from trying to bump open your lock. Obviously a home security system would take care of the problem too.  The technique is the number one way for a burglar to  break in to someones home.

There are even videos on youtube showing how to learn how to bump a lock which is just causing even more people to learn how to break into someones home.  They shouldn’t even allow some of these videos on youtube but what can you do?  Why would anyone need to know how lock bumping really works unless they were looking to do it themselves….

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